Why Ask a Developer?

It can be dangerous to rely too much on anecdotal evidence. That’s why we often rely on data like that collected by Evans Data Corporation, SlashData, and their ilk. But sometimes it pays to run an idea, question or assumption by a member of the audience (MOA). In this case, a developer. Sure, there are as many answers as there are developers, but often interesting nuances emerge. And not surprisingly, overarching themes told at a human scale often bear out what is learned at a population scale. That’s why we asked celebrity developer and Twitch Live Coder Jeffrey Fritz to ask fellow developers some of the questions technical content marketers most want answered.

Meet Andy Morrell

Fritz caught up with fellow Twitch Live Coder team member and cloud architecture expert Andy Morrell. Morrell gave some insight into how he likes to get information.

What content topics do you look for?

Morrell has observed that there are lots of quick tutorials on small subjects in cloud architecture, but not large architecture comprehensive articles that guide a developer through an entire project. Ideally, says Morrell, this would include insights into things you should be aware of (and even scared of) as you implement something like Twitch chat bots.

For Morrell, a mixture of text, video, and code snippets that are easy to copy comprise the most easy-to-consume technical content. This sounds very similar to what other Ask a Developer interviews have described (in particular our interview with Ben Lannon).

What Makes Content Developer-Friendly?

It depends

When in doubt, try everything! Morrell advocates the use of many types of content, including content to convey technical concepts, such as:

  • Code snippets
  • Images
  • How-to GIFs
  • Video
  • Architecture diagrams
  • Data flows
  • UML diagrams
  • Downloadable content for databases

How Often Should a Blog or Site Provide New Content?

Morrell likes new content frequently. But paradoxically, he doesn’t usually go back for more. Like many developers, his tech content visits are driven by need or purpose, and not necessarily as part of a routine check-in.

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View Morrell’s full interview here. Have a burning question? Feel free to submit your question and get a chance to Ask a Developer!

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