Why Ask a Developer?

We love learning about individual developers! But it can be misleading to rely too much on anecdotal evidence. That’s why we also use data like that collected by Evans Data Corporation, SlashData, and our own surveys. However, running an idea, question or assumption by a member of the audience (MOA) can still add value. In this case, our MOAs are your audience, too — developers and other IT professionals.

While there may be as many answers as there are developers, often interesting trends as well as hard-to-find nuances emerge. Unsurprisingly, stories told at a human scale often appear as overarching themes or trends at a population scale. That’s why we asked celebrity developer and Twitch Live Coder Jeffrey Fritz to ask fellow developers some of the questions technical content marketers most want answered.

Meet Jason Gaylord

Fritz caught up with Jason N. Gaylord, the AVP of Application Development and Infrastructure for biBERK.com, and an organizer of TechBash at TechBash 2019. Fritz asked Gaylord about his learning process.

How Do You Learn About New Tools?

It’s a Process

Gaylord begins with the documents site for any tool he is trying to learn. He also checks PluralSight and LinkedIn Learning for tutorials and how-to’s. Finally, he hits the dev communities online, on Slack, and other channels.

How Often Do You Go Back For More Content?

When Gaylord needs to care deeply about a technology, he sets up slackbots in a dedicated technology channel to monitor RSS feeds and alert him when there is new content.

Do You Look For Tutorials and How-To’s?

Gaylord is hyper-aware of how quickly the technical landscape changes. He likes to be on top of the new features of his tools, so he is constantly scanning for tutorials and how-to’s — including those that cover the latest features of the tools he uses most (Azure and VS Code).

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View Jason Gaylord’s full interview here. Have a burning question? Feel free to submit your question and get a chance to Ask a Developer!

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