DevRel Campaign?

The phrase “DevRel campaign” may sound odd (isn’t campaign a marketing term?), yet DevRel teams supporting a goal for their community are conducting “campaigns” the same way marketing does.  So, what does that mean for a lean DevRel team relying on technical marketing content? And vice versa?

Put Content Into Context

Developers say that just having to refer to documentation makes learning a new tool a challenge. Fundamentally, effective technical marketing content educates a developer audience. Technical marketing content typically includes documentation, how-to’s, use cases, case studies, and technical blog posts. DevRel campaigns assemble and augment existing technical content into modules that reduce developers’ time-to-value.

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How? DevRel campaigns built on technical marketing content will:

  • Clarify the purpose of the content.
  • Offer clear, simple, and concise titles that include links to more information to allow developers to choose to go on a deeper dive as they progress.

Deliver an Interactive Experience

A developer community portal can create a differentiated experience that compliments your marketing. Companies like Cisco provide a code sandbox in their community portal so developers can use code directly without downloading anything. And just like that, the original marketing docs, how-tos, or case studies come alive in the developers’ hands.

Encourage Input

Marketing campaigns want developer engagement like comments and content shares, but DevRel seeks developer input into technical content as part of the community experience. This “prime the pump” mentality encourages the community to produce original content that improves the tech content you offer. These improvements should be fed back to the marketing team, where appropriate.

Apply Developer Empathy Liberally

Reread technical content provided by your engineering team. Ask yourself if someone completely unfamiliar with your product will start at the same place where your “getting started” instructions start. Or will they need help getting to the starting line? Work with developer authors in the field and outside of your company to create content with developer empathy baked right in.

Work with developer authors in the field and outside of your company to create content with developer empathy baked right in. Click To Tweet

Give and Take

DevRel fosters communication both within its community and between the brand and the community. While there may be overlap between the technical content used for technical marketing and DevRel campaigns, there are opportunities to tailor the content, the context, and the experience for DevRel. This can, in turn, feed your marketing effort, and lets the marketing team offer differentiated and valuable content to their audience.


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