The Client

GrapeCity LogoGrapeCity is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and one of the world’s largest providers of developer components. The company has more than 850 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

For over 30 years, GrapeCity has provided enterprises around the world with state-of-the-art developer tools and components, software services and solutions. A diverse product line delivers JavaScript and .NET grids, UI, reporting, spreadsheets, and mobile controls for the enterprise and beyond.

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The Problem

Laurie A. Smith, Content Marketing Manager at GrapeCity, recently began working with ContentLab, a Developer Media company, for assistance with creating SEO-friendly, long-form technical content. She sought collaboration from the ContentLab technical content production team to achieve two goals.

Improve SEO. An important goal for GrapeCity was to improve their rank on SERP for technical topics relevant to their market segment. They decided providing technical content in these areas was a way to improve this and capture conversation space in the market.

Create a Steady Technical Article Cadence. GrapeCity not only wanted to capture conversation, but they also wanted their audience to come to expect their voice. Their strategy to accomplish this was to offer a predictable technical content cadence to their target audience.

The Solutions

ContentLab worked with GrapeCity to create a broad collection of written content, covering topics from .NET to JavaScript through a diverse mixture of short-form technical articles and long-form white papers, to achieve the following goals:

Deliver Topically Relevant Content. ContentLab delivered standard 800 to 1,200-word articles on a monthly basis. The articles discussed topics selected to increase GrapeCity’s share of voice in specific technical conversations.

Offer a Steady Stream of Content. GrapeCity wanted to deliver technical articles to its developer audience at a steady, predictable cadence, to increase traction with developers and generate inbound traffic. ContentLab responded, producing four articles a month on a quick 30-day turnaround.

Reach a Wide Variety of Roles. Using ContentLab’s authors meant GrapeCity could deploy content created from a wider base of developer expertise and perspectives. They found this better addresses the diverse needs of their audience.

ContentLab elevates our content marketing strategy by providing us with creative, high-quality writing from a variety of talented technical authors. GrapeCity appreciates the diversity of content, along with the reliability and collaboration of their team.

Laurie A. Smith
Content Marketing Manager, GrapeCity

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Why ContentLab

We asked Laurie what attracted her to ContentLab. She identified three key elements:

Experience. ContentLab offered the benefit of a diverse author base that can cover a wide variety of topics in technical depth.

Quality. ContentLab has a proven record of delivering technically deep, technically accurate, well-written content.

Good Partners. Laurie was looking for a content creation partner and appreciated ContentLab’s attitude of collaboration and partnership with clients.

They have created objective how-to articles using our controls (building applications with our controls), industry news articles (that received Google #1 ranking) and rich snippets and collaborated on a recent white paper. The production quality is excellent, and the collaboration and outline process is fluid and organized.

Laurie A. Smith
Content Marketing Manager, GrapeCity

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The Results

The partnership with ContentLab helped GrapeCity achieve the content SEO ranking it sought, with the cadence it desired.

Every article has received a first-page Google ranking, several have received the 1st spot and one was a rich snippet feature.

Laurie A. Smith
Content Marketing Manager, GrapeCity

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Best Practices

Some key elements helped the partnership between GrapeCity and ContentLab in the creation of successful content. The following are the ContentLab best practices that Laurie identified:

Content collaboration calls. Content direction and topics were defined by a joint team of stakeholders from GrapeCity and ContentLab.

Collaborative outline definition process. Working from a collaboratively defined outline, the authors delivered the content as expected.

Spirit of sincere customer service. ContentLab has established a well-run process that delivers personalized service.

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Final Words

It can be a challenge to find a content team that offers ALL of the above best practices. ContentLab supports our overall content strategy with engaging SEO content, as well as interesting ideas for future pieces. I can count on them consistently. ContentLab is an indispensable part of our strategy.

Laurie A. Smith
Content Marketing Manager, GrapeCity

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