Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has been characterized as “10 years away 20 years ago,” according to Vijay Pande, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz in a 2018 article in IEEE Spectrum. So, why should brands start providing tech content about programming for quantum computers? And, if they do, how should they pick quantum computing topics?

What is Quantum Computing?

Conventional computing and programming relies on storing the state of bit on a computer chip as “1” or “0”. Quantum computers are built differently, using quantum chips (quchips) that harness quantum physics properties that allow them to exist in both states simultaneously. This promises to make quantum computers much more efficient and accurate at calculating complex algorithms that with conventional computers take exorbitant computing resources or can’t be done at all.

Do Developers Care About Quantum Computing?

As a matter of fact, they do. Evans Data Corporation asked developers a few questions about quantum computing in their 2019 Developer Marketing Survey. Their answers revealed several collective developer opinions to note.

  • There are as many developers who think quantum computing (QC) is the most exciting tech discipline today as there are who think augmented reality (AR) is the most exciting. This despite the fact that (AR) has arguably more existing incarnations and applications than QC.
  • A majority of developers agree that QC is the most exciting tech discipline of the future.

So, despite the far off nature of potential applications, developers are already looking towards this exciting technology.

What Are Their Most Pressing Problems?

  • Understanding QC.  Really. Most training materials focus on translating these highly abstract physical chemistry concepts embedded in programming quantum bits (qubits) into analogous “bit” computing. A lot of content is focused on helping developers understand why programming a quantum computer will give them an advantage.
  • Understanding how QC will change their current programming.
  • Getting access to a quantum computer.

How Did We Discover These Problems?

We began by hitting our usual sources. For example, we searched developer sites such as Hacker News and CodeProject to see what developers are sharing and writing about now.

Through these efforts we found incredibly helpful resources including:

Quantum Computing Fundamentals

Quantum Computing Developer Resources

Quantum Computing Landscape

Mind-blowing or Meh?

QC is definitely mind-blowing! But, it is far from being a routine application for developers. This topic appeals to developer’s innate curiosity. For brands, select topics that focus on connecting developers to resources that help them better understand quantum computing, why it matters to them, how to use their particular favorite programming language and tools to take advantage of quantum computers, and how to get their hands on a quantum computer to give their programs a try.


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