Meet Ben Lannon

Fritz caught up with Ben Lannon, a fellow Live Coder team member on Twitch. Lannon is mainly a web developer, and he’s often found working on open source projects on GitHub.

Ben Recommends a Variety of Technical Content Formats

Ben’s view is that every developer is different, and every developer learns differently.  His recommendation to marketers is to offer technical content in multiple forms of media. This means getting technical content into videos, text blog posts, and even audio formats like podcasts. His personal feeling about the best technical content (for himself) is that regardless of content media, it needs to offer resources alongside the content that can help him go beyond a particular video or article.

What is a Good Content Posting Frequency?

According to Lannon,  good content posting frequency is highly medium- and length-dependent. For a short blog post or 5-10 minute video, at least a weekly update with new content is important. For longer, in-depth content, like a more comprehensive tutorial that can take 30 minutes to hours to consume, the frequency can be lower.

Recency is as Important as Frequency

Another important factor in content frequency is keeping up with versions and updates. The most recent version or update should also have corresponding content. That means updating existing content to keep up with new versions of software and tools.

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