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We know as marketers that there are times when you’d just like to ask a developer. That’s why we created the “Ask a Developer” series, where developer Jeff Fritz (a.k.a. @Csharpfritz on Twitch) asks fellow Twitch live coders questions that marketers have about technical content.

We asked…

Developer Miko Charbonneau (a.k.a. @DrMikachu on Twitch) is a live coder in her spare time and a professional virtual reality (VR) game developer during the rest of her time. She has answered many questions about content, but one of the most interesting segments was her answer to this question:

“What topics interest you for tutorials, blogs, and white papers?”

Unsurprisingly, this VR game developer spends a lot of her time learning more about things she can do in game engines like Unity and Unreal. But, in addition to the game engines Miko has specified, she has offered insight into how she likes to see topics presented.

Serialized Content Works Best

Miko revealed that she prefers serialized content that she can follow along with as she learns. In fact, her preference is to work side by side with the content, not just follow along. This means she actually tries implementing the proposed solution within a project she is working on as she consumes each post or episode.

Miko — and the Rest of Your Audience

It’s useful to hear from individual developers, but it’s also dangerous. Someone can assume one developer’s answer is widely true, even though it’s a niche situation. So how does Miko’s answer fit in with what we already know?

According to Evans Data Corporation and their Developer Marketing 2019 survey, the top three topics that developers are most interested in are tips and tricks, new skills, and technology directions. At a very close fourth place is how-to’s, with how-to’s being considered by the majority of respondents as a subset of content described as “new skills” and “tips and tricks.”

Miko’s professional area of expertise is one of the most exciting technologies for developers, according to the same Evans survey. Her personal insight looks like it might give more details behind a wider trend that has been measured.

For the Road

Miko’s response suggests that a developer sitting on the cutting edge of exciting new technology still prefers technical content that can take them from the beginning to the end of a solution or approach. Miko is seeking content that doesn’t assume she already knows something. But she wants to be walked through a process that includes examples she can apply as she works through a project alongside the technical content — And she’s not alone. A how-to that can walk a developer through a solution is one of the most popular types of content across the wider developer audience.


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