Why Ask a Developer?

It can be dangerous to rely too much on anecdotal evidence. That’s why we often rely on data like that collected by Evans Data Corporation, SlashData, and their ilk. But sometimes it pays to run an idea, question or assumption by a member of the audience (MOA). In this case, a developer. Sure, there are as many answers as there are developers, but often interesting nuances emerge. And not surprisingly, overarching themes told at a human scale often bear out what is learned at a population scale. That’s why we asked celebrity developer and Twitch Live Coder Jeffrey Fritz to ask fellow developers some of the questions technical content marketers most want answered.

Meet Joe Guadagno

Fritz caught up with .NET MVP and Quicken Loans Director Joe Guadagno at TechBash 2019.  Joe gave some insight into how he likes to get information.

What gets you on the first step?

Guadagno has a simple formula:

  • Start with conferences. He loves in-person learning.
  • Technical blog posts to learn more, preferably with code samples.
  • Try to build an application

He prefers text tutorials because he finds videos too restrictive. Video by nature is difficult to search and doesn’t support copying of code samples.

What Makes Content Developer-Friendly?

Say It With Pictures
Guadagno prefers judicious use of images like screen captures with relevant titles so they are easy to visually scan. (Sound familiar?) This anecdotally supports the importance of having visually scannable technical content,  highlighted by the 2019 Developer Marketing survey data from Evans Data Corporation.

Answer Important Questions
Valuable technical content needs more than code samples, however. Include information like performance numbers, what the content is going to do, and why the author chose to approach the task in this particular way.

What Makes You Follow a Blog or Tech Content Site?

Some developers follow content. Others mainly search for content when they need it. Guadagno is firmly in the latter camp.  However, if the technical content source offers a lot of content that highlights the latest bleeding-edge or niche technologies, applications, and/or issues, then that source or site might warrant a return.

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View Joe Guadagno’s full interview Ask a Developer. Have a burning question? Feel free to submit your question and get a chance to Ask a Developer!

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